What Kidney Disease Does Suni Lee Have?

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What Kidney Disease Does Suni Lee Have? Lee, the gold medal-winning gymnast at the 2020 Olympics, was diagnosed with a kidney condition in February 2024. Although the exact details of the kidney disease Suni Lee has are not publicly disclosed, she has confirmed that it’s a non-gymnastics-related issue. After a break for treatment, Suni Lee made a triumphant comeback.

What Kidney Disease Does Suni Lee Have?

What Kidney Disease Does Suni Lee Have?

What Kidney Disease Does Suni Lee Have?

The story of Suni Lee’s inspiring comeback, conquering the U.S. Classic 2023 despite her kidney struggles, is an emotional one. With determination and hard work, she has shown that it’s possible to overcome health challenges and continue to excel in her sport.

Summary: What Kidney Disease Does Suni Lee Have?

Date/Event Detail/Result
February 2024 Diagnosed with kidney condition
May 2023, U.S. Classic TBN
2024 Olympics Hoping to compete


Suni Lee’s story begins with her exceptional achievements in gymnastics, winning the all-around gold medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Her comeback at the U.S. Classic 2023 after a kidney condition diagnosis demonstrates her extraordinary determination.

Suni Lee’s Kidney Health Challenges

In February 2023, Suni Lee faced a kidney-related health issue that affected her gymnastics career. Despite her struggles with the kidney disease, Suni Lee underwent treatment and expressed that she was feeling better.

US Classic 2024: Suni Lee vs. Simone Biles

The U.S. Classic 2023 was significant in gymnastics as it marked Simone Biles’ return to the sport. However, Suni Lee’s outstanding performance despite her kidney struggles.

Suni Lee’s Determination and Emotional Journey

Suni Lee’s resilience and determination to overcome her health challenges were visible in her emotional response to her success. After her final routine, she burst into tears, reflecting her hard work and spirit.

The Road to Recovery and Future Aspirations

Suni Lee’s journey towards recovery from the kidney disease continues. She is optimistic and excited about her future, including her intention to compete at the 2024 Olympics.


Suni Lee’s triumph at the U.S. Classic 2023, despite her kidney struggles, inspires admiration for her courage and determination. It encourages readers to follow Suni Lee’s ongoing journey in gymnastics and appreciate her inspiring efforts.

What kidney disease does Suni Lee have?
Suni Lee has not disclosed the specific details of her kidney condition.

When was Suni Lee diagnosed with this kidney condition?
She was diagnosed with the kidney condition in February 2023.

Did Suni Lee win the U.S. Classic 2023 despite her kidney condition?
No, she made a remarkable comeback, winning the all-around title at the U.S. Classic in May 2023.

Is Suni Lee planning to compete in the 2024 Olympics?
Yes, Suni Lee has expressed her intention to compete at the 2024 Olympics, showing her continued dedication to gymnastics.