Meaningful stories for children about animals before bedtime

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Children’s stories are an effective and vital tool for developing children’s linguistic and expressive abilities as well, by enriching their linguistic stock with vocabulary, phrases, and even ideas. It also works to enhance his ability to understand and comprehend and makes his focus double in every experience.

We cannot ignore the great aspect of enjoyment that stories provide to our children, creating a spirit of passion within them and a longing to hear a new story and a new adventure.

Many writers and authors resort to writing stories for infants because it is a flexible material that they can manipulate as they wish and whenever they wish. Writers resort to this type of stories not in a vacuum, as many of them succeed in their creativity in writing stories, which leads to the unprecedented spread of their literature.

The first story of children’s stories about animals:

One day, in one of the forests, there was a donkey passing by. By chance, he found a lion’s skin that some hunters had perhaps left to dry. The donkey did not hesitate for a single second to wear it and disguise himself as the powerful lion, king of the forest.

The donkey put it on and walked deep into the forest. His happiness was indescribable when he saw fear, panic, and flight in the eyes of all the animals he met in the forest. As soon as the animals saw him, they would rush to run away.

He was so happy with what was happening around him that he brayed loudly, making all the animals realize that he was not a lion, but rather a donkey disguised as a lion! So they beat him and caused him pain in a way that made him bedridden.

The cunning fox went to visit him and told him: “Do you know that we would not have known that you were a donkey if it were not for your braying?”

The donkey regretted it deeply and said to himself: “I disguised myself in the most beautiful clothes ever, but it was the ridiculous words that revealed my foolishness. If I had remained silent, I would have been able to continue among them as a strong lion and not a foolish donkey!”

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The second story:

It is considered one of the most beautiful stories for children about animals ever…

In one of the forests, there was a rabbit who was bragging about how fast he was, and that no forest animal could compete with him in any race, and that he could win with ease.

Because of his excessive boasting about himself, the animals became fed up with his arrogance and his provocative way of dealing with them. One day, the tortoise decided to teach him a lesson so that he would stop his actions, so they agreed on a race and a challenge, and the rabbit was overconfident before the challenge.

On the day of the competition, the hare came arrogant. In the end, his opponent was a tortoise. There could be no comparison between them at all. As the race began, the hare devoted himself to running, but he looked back and found no trace of the tortoise, so he decided to get some sleep. With complete indifference and self-confidence, the hare fell into a deep sleep. He woke up surprised that the turtle had reached the finish line and won the race.

This turtle continued to work hard, and despite the rabbit’s tremendous speed, it did not give up or give up, but rather increased its effort and diligence, and was able, with perseverance and determination, to win and uproot it from the hands of the rabbit, who was tempted by excessive, excessive confidence.

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The third story:

This is also one of the most beautiful stories for children about animals…

One day in the bitter cold of winter, there was a fox and his wife in the forest quarreling over a drowned chicken. The fox felt upset and bored and said to his wife: “This is a difficult life. I will go to my uncle, the wolf, so he can teach me the arts of hunting.”

Indeed, the fox went to the wolf and found around him a lot of spoils, including zebras and wild bulls. The wolf said to him: “I see you are weak, my sister’s son. Have you eaten what you want of these spoils?” But the fox refused to eat and asked the wolf to teach him how to hunt.

The wolf said to him: “Look, my nephew, at this rising dust!”

The fox said to him: “It is a herd of zebras.”

The wolf said to him: “Then watch me and learn to hunt from me.”

The wolf asked the fox, saying: “See, my eyes have become red?!”

The fox replied: “You are like embers, my uncle.”

The wolf asked him again: “Look at my hair, is it erect?!”

The fox replied: “He has become like sharp needles.”

The wolf asked him: “Look at my claws, did they penetrate the rock?!”

The fox replied: “I broke it apart, uncle.”

And then the wolf pounced on the herd of zebras to get and devour the largest zebra. He brought it and put it under the fox’s feet and asked him to eat, but the fox refused to eat except what he had caught. He returned to his den, throwing the drowned chicken aside, and said to his wife: “Come with me so I can feed you food.” Wolves and striking beasts.”

He said to her: “Watch and learn from me. What is this rising dust now?!”

She answered him with fear: “Be careful if it is what I had in mind?!”

The fox said to her: “It is indeed a herd of raging bulls. Have my eyes become red?!”

His wife replied: “She is yellow from hunger, my husband.”

The fox said to her: “Shut up and tell me it is red like embers!”

He added: “Now tell me, did my hair get erect?!”

She answered him with astonishment and said: “Where does the hair come from when you are so weak?!”

He said to her: “Shut up and tell me that he has become like needles.”

He asked her again: “Look at my claws, how they pierced the rock!”

His wife answered him, saying: “Do you have claws that allow you to dig into the dirt at all?!”

He said to her: “Shut up and tell me that she crumbled the rock.”

The fox pounced on the herd of raging bulls, and a kick from the largest bull in the herd waiting for him made him return to his wife with his back.

His wife said to him: “Now your eyes are red, your nails are standing, and all your claws are broken!”

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