What Did Howard Stern Say About Israel Recently?

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What Did Howard Stern Say About Israel Recently? the renowned shock jock, has always been a magnet for controversies, with his opinions about Israel being no exception. Over the years, Stern’s remarks, both in criticism and support of Israel, have stirred notable discussions. Given Stern’s immense popularity and reach, his views hold significant weight and influence public perceptions. This article dives deep into his notable statements, their impact, and the array of reactions they’ve triggered.

What Did Howard Stern Say About Israel Recently?
What Did Howard Stern Say About Israel Recently?

Howard Stern, with his celebrity status and a vast audience, has voiced numerous controversial viewpoints about Israel. From criticisms of military actions to support against movements aiming at Israel, Stern’s remarks have always been in the spotlight. This article elucidates on Stern’s opinions about Israel, how they shape public perceptions, and the subsequent responses they’ve evoked.

Summary of howard stern israel

Date Event Summary
2014 Howard Stern criticizes Israel’s military actions in Gaza. Stern describes Israel’s actions as “atrocious” and “inhumane.”
2015 Howard Stern urges Hollywood to advocate for Israel. Stern expresses disappointment over the silence of celebrities.
2024 Howard Stern opposes the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Stern labels the BDS movement “anti-Semitic.”

Howard Stern’s Controversial Statements on Israel

Stern has made several eyebrow-raising comments about Israel. In 2014, he notably stated that Israel was “created in the middle of a desert in a portion of the world no one wanted.” He went on to critique Israel’s military interventions in Gaza as “atrocious” and “inhumane.” Additionally, Stern has not held back in expressing his disapproval of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, labeling it “anti-Semitic.”

Stern’s Impact on Public Perception

With millions tuning into his radio show, Stern’s comments invariably influence the general sentiment. Some argue that his controversial takes tarnish Israel’s image, fueling animosity. Others appreciate his candidness, suggesting that even if they don’t align with his views, they should be respected.

The Response to Stern’s Views

The reactions to Stern’s statements are diverse. While Palestinians and their allies have branded him racist, pro-Israel advocates, though upholding his right to free speech, have often denounced his inflammatory comments. The media, too, remains divided, with some outlets finding his remarks damaging, while others commend his audacity to stimulate debate on intricate issues.

Howard Stern’s Advocacy for Israel

Despite the criticisms, Stern has also ardently supported Israel. In 2015, he appealed to Hollywood to rally behind Israel. He has also made monetary contributions to Israeli charitable institutions and empathized with the Israeli populace during turbulent times, staunchly emphasizing Israel’s right to its sovereignty and defense.


Howard Stern’s stand on Israel, as with many of his views, is multifaceted. While he has been critical, his support for the nation is undeniable. And although he’s not an expert on the Israeli-Palestinian discord, his opinions, borne out of his personal reflections and experiences, merit consideration given his vast reach and influence.

1. What were Howard Stern’s comments about Israel in 2014?
He criticized Israel’s military interventions in Gaza, describing them as “atrocious” and “inhumane.”

2. How has Stern shown his support for Israel?
In 2015, he called on Hollywood to back Israel and has also contributed financially to Israeli charities.

3. What is Stern’s perspective on the BDS movement?
He considers it “anti-Semitic” and feels its supporters aim to “destroy Israel.”

4. Has Howard Stern ever served in the military?
No, Howard Stern has not served in any armed forces.